Posted by: omikun | February 27, 2009


So apparently the HD77480 LCD’s come with both european and katakana text in its room. I wish there was a faster way of coding in katakana then print each character as (char)198 or something like that. Perhaps a big macro or something? Anyway I thought this is really cool. Now I can fulfill my dream of making a Japanese clock.


tsu - go - i~~

I’m using my seeduino, a really cheap LCD from ebay, and some solderless breadboard jumper cable wires (beware though, these jumper wires are pretty thick at the end but doesn’t really give to much trouble when used on a breadboard).

I also got the OneWire thermometers (Dallas DS18B20) working as well:


Two sensors on one wire!

Two sensors on one wire!

Now I just need the peltier and I’ll have practically all the parts for my chilly alarm project!


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