Plasma Hawk [PLH]

Plasma Hawk is a scifi universe I am working on, on and off, for the past several years. It revolves around a mysterious organization that pulls the strings behind a Singaporean invasion in the mid-future, an elite mechanized ops team that is sent off to investigate the organization, and many people of different walks of life that are directly and indirectly involved. The second part of the story takes place in the next frontier: inner solar system. The center pieces of the story involve bipedal mechs/exosuits, clones, AI, space battles, and lots of hard science fiction.

I’m currently working on a short story that is in between the first and second part. It is the mission that will lead into the interplanetary civil war. The working title (merely ripped from C.J. Cherryh’s short story that inspired it) is Hellburner. You can find it at



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