Posted by: omikun | April 29, 2009

Beef Noodle Soup

Cooked some soup today. Yum yum. Only took about 30minutes, that’s including taking pictures and selling stuff on craigslist.

Anyway, you’re going to need noodles and seasme oil, as shown below. It’s nicer to have a little pitcher for the oil, since you don’t need a lot and it’s easier to pour a small amount with the pitcher.

oilnoodles, get the wide kind if you can!

It’s medium as shown, but it’s so much easier to cook/eat if you get wide. I usually get about this much for one person:

img_2458Cut up a stalk of green onion and half a roma tomatoes. Add seasame oil and soy sauce to the bowl (you just need enough to cover the noodles with it).


Cut up your veggie, in my case bak choy like so.


You should have your beef marinated already:


Boil your noodles for 5 min (don’t put it in until the pot boils).


Take the noodles out and mix it in your bowl! If you don’t mix it, it’ll just be sticky.

Empty the water, refill it with as much water as you want in your soup, boil it, add your meat. Add a bit of soy sauce if the water isn’t dark enough. It’ll be done in a bit. Take out the meat, add your veggie. Turn off the heat within 1 minute and dump it all in soup and all into your bowl:


So your ingredients per serving are:
1-2 baby bok choy
half a roma tomato
a quarter of a pound of beef/chicken/pork
soy sauce, seasame oil,

Instructions for cooking noodles/meat in parallel:

  1. Fill up 2 pots of water, one to cook noodles and the other for the soup. Heat up the pot for the noodles.
  2. Cut up your green onion, tomatoes and add to your bowl with seasame oil and soy sauce.
  3. Once the pot for the noodles boil, add your noodles and set the timer for 5 min. (add an egg here to if you want).
  4. Heat up the other pot.
  5. Cut/peel your veggie
  6. Transfer noodles to bowl (set another timer for 5 min for the egg). Mix the noodles with the sauces.
  7. Add meat to second pot when it boils.
  8. Take out meat when it’s done. Add in veggie.
  9. Pour soup and veggie into your bowl.
  10. Your optional egg should be done around now. Put it in cold water for a bit and peel the shell.
  11. You’re done!


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