Posted by: omikun | February 22, 2009

NetStumbler on Windows 7

It turns out NetStumbler doesn’t work with Vista or Windows 7 from my online searches, which began when my router’s signal strength would drop from 99% to 10% about every four hours. NetStumbler, among its many features, can find out which nearby wifi is using which channel. This way I can use the least used channel to get a better signal.

Digression: I can’t even log into the router it self through through wire (yes it’s a Linksys, WRT54G, V8–doesn’t support Tomato b/c Linksys hacked its ram and flash storage in half) when the signal strength winks out, nor can I connect wirelessly even if I have my laptop right next to the router and get an 80% signal strength.

Anyway, found this alternative that really saved me: go to cmd prompt and type

netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid

Now I just need to write a python script to visualize it.


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