Posted by: omikun | January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year and Gundam celebration

We had a couple of friends over for new years. Alice and Kim made a lot of yummy stuff: fried rice, spinach, a yummy potato salad (that Alice calls Japanese). We also got a pound of Chinese BBQ and half a Chicken from First Chinese BBQ! Man that was a good dinner. We chased after it with a good game of TF2 and some Peggles Extreme. 

Kim and Alice cooking yummy stuff~~

Kim and Alice cooking yummy stuff~~

Alice and I started working on a Gundam model I got from China. It’s some model from the 00 series. I couldn’t find any from the 0080 or 0083 series so I just took the first decent one the little store had… The 1/100th scale model kit had sooo many parts! Good thing Alice loves to make models 😀

gundam_alice We took turns cutting and trimming those little plastic parts and piecing them together. Most of it is straight forward and we didn’t have to use glue once! (Although we might have to in the near future if I play around with it anymore. It’s extremely pose able!)

It's alive!

It's alive!

Slightly better posture

Slightly better posture


It's flying!

It's flying!

All that’s left are the multitudes of weapons this thing has. It’s a little rediculous. If you thought Trowa Barton’s Gundam was a bit excessive, you haven’t seen this bugger yet.


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