Posted by: omikun | January 5, 2009

Laptop Battery Revival Fail

There is a lot to learn from one’s mistakes, like always be cautious when playing with a $100 battery. I noticed my 9-cell 7200mAh battery wasn’t holding enough charge to let me paint 4 hours at a time in Austin’s life drawing, so after I found a helpful article on getting some lost juice back from an old battery, I thought I would play around with it.


Battery went dead soon after a few sparks of light

Battery went dead soon after a few sparks of light



I used the article’s power monitor to log the data, and then wrote a simple perl script to parse it into a CSV file for graphing in excel. No, I did not mix cycle 1 and 2. The second time around was much worse. I tested it by turning on wifi and playing a movie on loop. The -10% signifies gaps in the log because of standbys and resumes.


Mega Fail

The first mistake I made was not letting it charge up to 100% before my first deep  discharge. Since the article didn’t mention anything about it, I just stopped at 90% thinking I only need to charge it to max the next time around. Well, that is obviously not the case since it won’t charge back past 90% now. Another interesting thing is it dropped very fast at 20% the second time around. I’m not too sure about what why that happened, but I won’t be doing that to a 6 month old battery ever again.

Now, onto the next battery… one with about 8 minutes of charge at 100%



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