Posted by: omikun | December 24, 2008

My Battery Teardown 0.1

My mom has a 2001 era Dell Inspiron 2500. It’s battery life is around 5-6 seconds. So after reading through a few teardowns I figured I should rebuild it. And if I mess up, she will not be missing it anyway.

So here is the before picture (almost, I started working on it at one end, bit it’s practically the before picture).

Original battery

Original battery

Using an exacto knife and as small of a flat head screw driver as I can find, I began tearing it apart. I read they use ultrasound to bind the two pieces of plastic together. Basically you get this really strong goo as you tear the thing apart. What I found to be the most helpful is to stab at the crack with the exacto knife after you shave away a few layers of the plastic. Once you manage to stab in to it, try to cut through it. You’ll have limited success but it is a starting point. Once you have teared enough of an opening for the whole exacto knife to go into it, twist it to pry it open. This works best if you are at a corner. Then alternate with your flat head to pry it apart.

Coming apart

Coming apart

Feel free to start using your hand to help with the teardown process. The whole ordeal took about an hour of intermitten struggle.

Finally opened

Finally opened

As you can see, there are 8 cells and a few wires linking to them at various points. Mine are the Sony Fukushima STG G4 US18659GR but all I cared about is that they are the 18650 kind. From an article I read megabatteries is a good place to get the 18650. On the cover of the battery the capacity is listed as 3800mAh. I traced the connections and found they have the batteries connected in a series of stages, each stage composed of a pair of cells. So eacd cell should have at least have the capacity listed or 1400mAh. I had my eyes set on these because that is the highest capacity I have found in that form factor. However, at $12 each that would make a total of $96+S&H way more than what I can buy new.

Use a soldering iron to disconnect them. I got mine from Roswill’s 90 tool kit set for $30 only to discover the iron is craptastic (it started to smoke as it warmed up) and that newegg has the 145 piece on sale for the same price a week later.

Don't use the cheap irons

Don't use the cheap irons but they'll do the job this time

 Then I found these at another site that justify purchase. But since the entire laptop, if anyone want’s to get it used, costs $25 + shipping, what would be the point to pay $30+ for new batteries? Still, I am planning on buying it anyway and use it for future projects.

Right now the laptop can’t load any OS, so if I can’t get that sorted out, I will be taking that 14″ screen out and play with it. 😀


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